Large Real Flower Ring in 3 colors


Large Real Flower Ring in 3 colors

Real Queen Anne's Lace and tiny strawflowers show off in these resin rings. The backgrounds are either green, peach glitter, or green glitter, as pictured. There are 2 green ones with yellow flowers, but one has more Queen Anne's Lace. Let me know in a note if you prefer one over the over.

I used adjustable antique brass ring settings that have a crown-like edging to enhance the cabochons. The settings are 25mm across.
All of these are one of a kind, so hurry if you like them!

My items are lovingly hand crafted in my Missouri workshop. I love nature and this is one way I can keep it in my life throughout the year. Thank you for visiting my shop and I hope you find some things you like.

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