Ocean Scene Necklace in Resin ~ 3 shapes


Ocean Scene Necklace in Resin ~ 3 shapes

These exquisite little sealife scenes have a lighter tinted resin than my other starfish pendants. They are a very pale green, allowing the tiny starfish and other teeny shells that I collected in Florida to really be visible. Along with the shells, I added some tinted dried plant materials. I used a wavy mold to contribute to the beachy vibe.

After allowing them to cure, I sanded them and added a layer of clear resin and a background color of opaque white. Then I added screw-eyes and bails for fastening them to chains.
The chains are stainless steel with lobster clasps.

The round pendant is 30mm across and has a 19.6" chain.
The slender rectangle is 20 x 40mm and has a 19.6" chain. SOLD OUT
The larger rectangle is 25 x 40mm and has a heavier and longer 23.6" chain.

Note: All resin projects are prone to tiny bubbles which arise during the curing process. These are normal, although I try to keep them minimal. Being seascapes, they are great additions when they do happen. They are generally not as noticeable as the enlarged pictures make them appear. For best results, keep stored away from intense sunlight, which can cause fading and yellowing.
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